CO2 system Hiwi 2000 Profi Deluxe

Hiwi Profi CO2 system with high-quality acrylic glass components.

Complete CO2 system with 2000g CO2 reusable bottle NEW with 10 years TÜV, Hiwi Profi pressure reducer and CO2 night shut-off and high qualityAcrylic glass components. The main components (CO2 bottle, pressure reducer, solenoid valve) are all Made in Germany.

To the statement 10 years TÜV: The cylinder was subjected to the test according to EN ISO 9809-1 during production. Therefore it may be refilled for 10 years. Then the cylinder must be removed again by a monitoring centre.
  • CO2 bottle 2000g with cage
  • Hiwi Profi pressure reducer with 2 manometers and fine needle valve, German production
  • solenoid valve (night shut-off) with check valve, hum-free, German production
  • Aquario acrylic CO2 diffuser very fine bubbles
  • Acryl Drop Checker
  • Glass hose bend (U-Pipe)
  • CO2 endurance test indicator fluid
  • including 2 m transparent CO2 hose
  • for pools up to approx. 400 L
189,90 €
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