CO2 system Hiwi 2000 Ultimate

Hiwi Ultimate CO2 system with high-quality glass components.

Complete CO2 plant with 2000gCO2 reusable bottle NEW 10 years Tüv, Hiwi Profi double chamber pressure reducer andCO2 night shutdownand high-quality OrinocoGlass components.The main components (CO2 bottle, pressure reducer, solenoid valve) are all Made in Germany.

To be specified 10 years TÜV The cylinder was subjected to the test according to EN ISO 9809-1 during manufacture. Therefore it may be refilled for 10 years. Then the cylinder must be removed again by a monitoring centre.
  • CO2 bottle 2000g with cage
  • Hiwi Profi double chamber pressure regulator with 2 manometers and fine needle valve with check valve, German production
  • constant Co2 release without readjustment
  • solenoid valve (night shut-off), hum-free, German production
  • OrinocoGlass CO2 bubble counter
  • OrinocoGlass Glasdiffusor
  • OrinocoGlass CO2 glass hose bend
  • OrinocoGlass Dropchecker (CO2 endurance test from glass)
  • CO2 endurance test indicator fluid
  • including 2 m transparent CO2 hose
  • for pools up to approx. 400 L
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