Kopie von CO2 Anlage Hiwi 425 Profi ohne Flasche (kompatibel zu Sodastream u.a.)

CO2 system HIWI 425 without carbon dioxide cylinder 425 g with fixed adapter on the pressure reducer suitable for e.g. Soda Stream cylinders and others.
  • Aquarium CO2 system without reusable aluminium bottle 425 g, compatible with almost all water spargers such as Sodastream
  • Stress-free refilling of the bottle in numerous supermarkets - no more extra ways for the aquarium CO2!
  • Equipped with high quality Hiwi pressure reducer made in Germany especially for water bubble bottles
  • Existing bottles can also be used, the aquarium bottle can also be connected to the aerator
  • Complete equipment with high-quality glass components from OrinocoGlass
Item currently out of stock
  • Item out of stock